ARC Magazine: Online and fully searchable for the first time!

We are thrilled that the Archives and Records Association have now made available all digital issues of ARC Magazine, both present and past, and what fantastic news this is for the cultural heritage community! For the first time these hugely popular resources will be managed and made accessible to the public through the single searchable PastView platform, developed by TownsWeb Archiving. Now members and visitors can uncover the wealth of information the ARA produces, held in born-digital formats.  

ARC Issues for the latest three months will be accessible through a member’s login area, and the remaining eleven years of back issues will be freely accessible to all. Each magazine is fully searchable as a stand alone issue, or more widely across all issues, thanks to the power of metadata and the platform’s sophisticated search facilities.  Now their members can enjoy unrestricted access while the public can enjoy the benefits of their entire digital backlist.  

Why not discover these wonderful resources firsthand by heading over to the ARA’s ARC Magazine Microsite today, where you can search, explore, and discover every article, report, feature and announcement in a way that hasn’t been possible before.  



We are incredibly pleased to be able to provide this platform for the Archives and Records Associations and  hear just how satisfied John Chambers (Chief Executive) is about what has been a monumental move for their ARC Magazine:


We are always looking for ways to improve the benefits we provide to our members. ARC Magazine has always been a key benefit and the last 18 months has seen it transformed with its move to online publication. Hosting on the PastView platform takes this to a new level and provides even more benefit with the great search function and the ability to access all the back issues, going back to 2011, in one place. It has been a very straightforward process for us working with TownsWeb to get this work done and I hope members will enjoy browsing through past editions and seeing how far we have come in the last decade!

John Chambers
Archives and Records Association - Chief Executive


Casper Smithson, Chief Operating Officer at TowsWeb Archiving, is really pleased to be working so closely with ARA on this very important project. He tells us what this means for him and TownsWeb Archiving: 


Having worked closely with ARA for a number of years, being able to offer our PastView platform to support their ongoing work for the community has been a joy to be involved with. We support their ongoing work and members, as well as having involvement from Chief Executive John Chambers who sits on our panel of judges for the TWA Digitisation Grant. We’re thrilled to have partnered with ARA on the publishing of their ARC Magazine and look forward to the endless opportunities that this will bring for their members, researchers and the public, highlighting the many wonders of the archive community.

Casper Smithson
TownsWeb Archiving - Chief Operating Officer